These exercises are to show how the handler and dog move together without the dog interfering with the movement of the handler, and the handler's ability to control the movement of the dog while heeling. This exercise is to be done off leash and performed at a normal pace.


1. Heeling: The exercise consists of the handler executing a pattern with the dog at a heel. It will include, but not limited to:
Two (2) right and two (2) left 90 degree turns
Two (2) halts
One (1) slow walk for not less than fifteen (15) feet
One (1) fast run at a trot or jogging pace for not less than thirty (30) feet
And two (2) about turns.
At one halt, the dog will be commanded to "sit". At the other halt, the dog will be commanded to "down".

During the fast pace heeling portion, the handler will command his dog to 'down". The handler will continue at a fast pace and will then call the dog to a "heel" while continuing to move.

A.2. Five Minute Down Stay: The handler will command the dog to "down". The handler will then leave the area and sight of the dog. After five (5) minutes, the handler will return to his dog. The dog must remain in a down until the handler has commanded the dog otherwise.

A3. Recall: The handler will command the dog to "Sit" or "down". The handler will leave the dog for a distance of approximately twenty (20) paces and face the dog. After a pause, the handler will give a recall command to the dog. The dog will then come to a front sit or a heel position.


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