This test is designed to show the Handler's ability to interpret detection service dog's alert when locating listed narcotic odors. Training aids will be in place thirty (30) minutes prior to the searched should include vehicles and buildings.


1. Vehicle and Building Narcotic Odor and Detection: The handler will understand and interpret the trained narcotic detection service dog's alert on a minimum of marijuana and cocaine training aids plus their derivatives. Optional narcotic odors to certify on are; heroin, methamphetamine, and their derivatives.

A. The type of dog alert indication will be left up to the service dog's handler and the handler's department.

2. Passing or Failure Efficiency Rate: The Handler must maintain a yearly passing efficiency rate of understanding and interpreting when his assigned narcotic detection service dog has alerted or is in the odor of narcotics the dog has been trained to detect.

3. The yearly National Narcotic Detector Dog Association classification and certification is also recognized as a valid test for Arizona Police Service Dog Narcotic Detector Teams. This second certification is not mandatory, but desirable.


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