This test is designed to show the Handler's ability to interpret a trained explosive detection service dog's alert when locating listed explosives. All listed explosive training aids will be in place thirty (30) minutes prior to the test. Areas to be searched should include vehicles, buildings, luggage, and aircraft.


1. Vehicle, Building, Luggage, and Aircraft Explosive Odor Identification and Detection:

The Handler will understand and interpret the trained explosive detection service dog's alert on a minimum of seven (7) of the eleven (11) listed explosive odor source.

A. The type of dog alert indication will be left up to the Handler and the Handler's Department.

B. Explosive detection list:

1. Dynamite
2. TNT
3. C-4
4. Smokeless Powder
5. Black Powder
6. Water Gel
7. Potassium Chlorate
8. Sodium Chlorate
9. Det Cord
10. Keno Pouch
11. Data Sheet

2. The Handler must maintain a 95% efficiency rate of understanding and interpreting his trained explosive detection service dog.

3. The Federal Aviation Administration classification and certification is also recognized as a valid test for Arizona Police Service Dog explosive Detection Teams.


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